Friday, 22 April 2011

New Work Attitude

I am going to go in, sit at my desk be polite however I am not going to say SHIT to anyone about my life or anything else!

Why do people have to be such back stabbing bitches?  We were friends for 5 years, started at the company together, dined together, went out together and you think I am not serious about my job?  WTF?

FUck You Darian Fuck You!  You have bitched every single day about working there and just because you are not taking calls now you think you are the shit?  no way bitch not going to happen!

Yeah I am mad at you, will take me a long time to get over this shit, because of you and Dee I can't trust one person on our team no one!
So as I said before you both can FUCK OFF!!!!!

Pissed off at Childish people

There is shit that went down at work a couple of weeks ago, people I trusted and THOUGHT were friends turned into backstabbing bitches!  I really can't say I trust one person on my team anymore.  It makes going to work shitty.